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I hope you enjoy your time at hentaicore as I try my best to provide you with lots of delicious hentai everyday to fill your daily appetite of hentai ^^. I have received requests and mails from lots of kind souls who wanted to support hentaicore in anyway they can. I’m really grateful for your feelings and I certainly appreciate any support by you great fellow hentai lovers. Here there are a few ways you can help me as well as HC to keep going strong hopefully for years to come ^^ !

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These are the ways you can show your support for hentaicore. Im currently paying 350$/month for the server and all support you give will go to server cost and improving HC (moving to faster servers and maby adding a gallery later on etc). Again I by all means am grateful to you great fellow hentai lovers for helping hentaicore grow so quickly in such a short time and hopefully continue going strong for the years to come.

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