Reason for my Absence starting 16 Nov – 21 Nov ~2019~
Hello everyone Seizma here.
I really apologize for the lack of updates or news. Due to personal health issue, I have been hospitalized for 4 days so far and I was in no condition to attend to the site at all. My health problem still not fully resolved, and I hope my health recovers and I can get back to you guys with all the updates.
Give me some time and hopefully I will be in better shape . I’ll try to keep you guys updated and Again sorry for the lack of news for the past few days.
Update 2 !
I have been told by doctors, I’m well enough to spend my rehab at home and don’t need to stay at the hospital (I would have to stay here till weekend, otherwise). As long as I don’t do any intense activity I will recover fully within the next 3-4 days. I’m itching to go home and start fixing up the site. See you guys in a few hours.
Update 3 !
Back to work again and updates will keep rolling until, I catch up with everything.
Feels nice to be doing something again, after being glued to hospital bed for several days. Although nothing too intense, until full recovery.
Update 4!
I apologize to you guys again. Yesterday, My stay at home didn’t last long, As my health turned for the worse again and I had to quickly go back to hospital. Its been alot blood tests and all sort of other tests, as doctors have yet to fully determine what’s causing my condition. For now I’m hospitalized again and waiting for the result. I will keep you guys updated .
Let’s hope I get well soon and things go back to normal. It’s been a nightmarish week.
Update 5 :
I’m being released from hospital again but this time with a alot MED pills and I have to go back there every 2 days for injections and blood test. Doctors are positive, they have figured the cause of my condition but need more time to fully make sure. For now I’m going back home . See you guys again soon.
Update 6 (Latest):
Back home again and feeling pretty good, so I got to rolling out the updates. Hopefully all these pills will keep my condition stabilized, so the doctors can figure out the exact cause with all these tests and start the full treatment.
Thank you everyone for all your kind words and sorry to have worried you.
For those those curious about my condition:
My body is having Allergic reactions to alot of things, It had no allergy to previously, causing my body to go haywire constantly.
Currently on pills to keep it under control, waiting for Docs to determine the exact cause through tests and start full treatment.

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